Who we are 

IP Villas is a privately owned, Dubrovnik-based company, registrated as Lord Ragusa Ltd. specialized in renting private villas and small homes with pools in Croatia. The idea of a custom made authentic our portfolio was there for many years for booth of us and what finally triggered to make it a reality was a personal experience in renting our own holiday home. We decide to present you with exclusive web boutique offer ,so finally we are admitting in public that our addiction to beauty is incurable. 

So what you can expect 

First of all beautiful holiday homes with pools for rent in Dubrovnik and on the Croatian coast. We will make sure that you truly enjoy the excellent food and wines,try our olive oils, see at least few islands, learn about our culture and that you can see what makes our produce unique. Our support can guide you on the kind of activities you can be a part of during your holiday. 

Our selection of holiday homes

Staying in the private villa is perfect way to spend your holiday in Croatia. It gives you complete freedom,privacy and your own space where you relax. Our selection of villas covers from traditional stone house in rural area, to modern luxury villas with pools and breathtaking coastal views. They are also chosen for having a special kind of something that makes them the perfect fit for one of our curated selection.