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Dubrovnik Excursions and Tours

 Dubrovnik has much to offer in terms of nautral beauty,culture and activities. We can organize various day tours and activities through our local partners. For those interested in seeing what Dubrovnik Region, Montenegro and Bosnia have to offer, we can arrange small guided tours, cooking & wine tours and cultural experiences.Come to explore Croatia and surroundings with our daily tours and incentive programs and witness why Croatia is said to be "The Mediterranean as it once was”

Cooking Classes in Dubrovnik

DURATION: 6 + hours
Group size: 4- 8 guests
Available: Year round
Price per person for this tour:120 €
Included : You,transfer,expert guide,plenty good food and wine

Pick the best Dubrovnik wine lovers and peka cooking class around the country major wine region and taste the true essence of Dubrovnik Croatia.This wine culinary tour takes you to the beautiful Pelješac peninsula and this picturesque area is home to some of the most intriguing wines in Europe.Tour starts from the place of your residence with transfer towards one of the most famous Croatian wine regions on Peljesac Peninsula. On this tour you will have opportunity to meet friendly Croatian wine maker producer who will take you on a tour Croatian vine grapes, wine cellars and introduce their wine production process in their winerys. The first experience on Peljesac is the Miloš winery, home of the charismatic wine maker Frano Miloš. Here you will have a chance to taste his red Miloš plavac or his, now legendary, Stagnum, also a red, made of Plavac Mali grapes. The visit to Miloš winery is the ultimate introduction to Peljesac. After wine tasting in Miloš winery, you can continue to the worldwide famous vintner, Mike Grgic who has established winery in Trstenik.Dedicated to the art of wine making, winery is producing the finest wines from native Dalmatian grapes Plavac Mali (red wine) and Pošip (white wine).Next you will visit 500-year-old wine cellar of Bartulović family. In konoba you will learn how to make a real Dalmatian classic, peka under the bell. Food cooked under peka, be it in a fireproof pot under the coals or directly on a stone slab, is a hearty meat and vegetable dish. Usually veal, lamb or yearling beef covered with potatoes and other vegetables.Leaving food to cook and bake over several hours,peka blends aromas and flavors. You will enjoy a wine-tasting in Bartulovic winery and a superb traditional Croatian lunch in tavern accompanied by their great wines.


DURATION: full day  
Price for this tour is: 
1-3 people: 240 €
4-7 people: 300 €
8-12 people: 500€

When in Dubrovnik don’t miss out on a day trip to Montenegro! It’s a small, but beautiful country full of natural wonders, a country where you can spend your mornings hiking in the mountain air and your afternoons swimming in the crystal clear blue Adriatic Sea. Montenegro really has it all. Discover Kotor and Budva, the jewels of Montenegro on Adriatic coast. On this Montenegro tour from Dubrovnik, you will experience medieval Kotor and its amazing landscape, in a bay under the mountain cliffs.Natural beauty is not the only thing that will leave you breathless here: it’s also the culture, history, cuisine and of course – the people. A day trip from Dubrovnik to Montenegro will introduce you to the beauty of Kotor, a small and picturesque town on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, in a deep bay, at the foot of the limestone cliffs of Mt. Lovćen. The Dubrovnik to Montenegro tour will also take you to Budva, a wonderful town on the Adriatic, a part of the Budva Riviera, famous for its sandy beaches and exciting nightlife. Pick the best of all Montenegro tours and discover the unique beauty of this country with a daily trip from Dubrovnik to Montenegro.


DURATION: full day  
Price for this tour is:  
1-3 people:  240 €
4-7 people:  300 €
8-12 people:  500€

Over one million people per year make the pilgrimage to see the Medjugorje hillside where the Virgin Mary allegedly appeared to 6 children in 1981. Catholics from all over the world return to the small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina every year, some for months at a time. Many visitors to Dubrovnik choose to visit Medjugorje in a daytrip, some as a spiritual journey and some out of curiosity.
Medjugorje is a unique phenomenon in the modern world, a sacred place which gathers a multitude of pilgrims from all over the world coming to face a God with great faith and to find peace in their souls and hearts.Legend of the Medjugorje is one of the most amazing supernatural events of our time. Since 1981, in a small village named Medjugorje, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing and giving messages to the world. Innumerable witnesses say that, they have found faith and peace at this place.The Shrine of Medjugorje has three Spiritual zones: the Church, the hill of Virgin Mary appearance and the hill Krizevac. Those sacred places are accessible to the millions of faithful willing to satisfy their spiritual and religious needs.  Your tour will include stops at all the important religious sites including Saint James Church and Apparition Hill where the Virgin Mary sightings are said to have occurred. Departure at 8:00am and approximatereturn to Dubrovnik is at 18:00.Passports are required for border crossing.


 DURATION: full day  
 Price for this tour is:  
1-3 people:  240 €
4-7 people:  300 €
8-12 people:  500€

One of the best day trips that can be made from Dubrovnik is to the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The small city straddles the Neretva River with its famous bridge, Stari Most, linking the two sides of the city. On one side lies the ethnically Croat Catholic neighborhood and the other side houses the cobbled Ottoman Quarter, home to the city’s Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims). This Ottoman Quarter is home to 16th century mosques, Turkish style houses, artist studios, and cafes.
The most famous landmark in Mostar is Stari Most, meaning Old Bridge.  It spanned the Neretva River for more than 400 years before being destroyed in the 1990’s war.  It has since been rebuilt in all its former glory with hand-carved stone.  In the summer months young men can be seen diving from the bridge into the river 75 feet below.  Once in Mostar you will have time to enjoy the bridge, wander the city streets, and explore the Old Town on your own.  Alternatively, you can hire a local guide for a walking tour of the city for an additional 50 EUR.  Local guides are very knowledgeable and can offer great insight on what it is like to live in this fascinating city.Departure at 8:00; approximate return to Dubrovnik at 18:00.
Passports are required for border crossing.

Korčula island and Ston

 DURATION: full day  
 Price for this tour is:  
 1-3 people:  250 €
4-7 people:  300 €
 8-12 people:  500€

Discover a charming little town of Ston with its 5-kilometer long walls; and the island of Korčula - the hometown of Marco Polo, the famous world traveler. Make your first stop in Ston, a town renowned for its delicious oysters that we will taste in one of the local restaurants, accompanied by a glass of local wine. Another landmark of Ston is its old salt ponds where the salt is still produced today in the old way. The tour continues with a drive to Orebić where we take a ferry to Korčula. Covered with dense pine forest, the island was named Korkyra Melaina, meaning "Black Korčula”, by the Greeks in the 3rd century B.C. The city of Korčula is one of the most beautiful medieval cities on the Adriatic Coast. We tour its charming streets and squares with Renaissance palaces, and magnificent Cathedral of St Mark, the city’s patron saint. Korcula town was founded by the Trojan hero, Antenor, the founder of Padova, but that's only a legend. Town and island of Korcula were mentioned as early as the 10th century, but civilization on the island goes much further in past. 
Drive way back to Dubrovnik we will visit the beautiful green scenery and blue bays of the Peljesac peninsula where we will enjoy extraordinary tastes of Dalmatian wines in the finest local winery’s. Peninsula Peljesac is the most famous Croatian wine region.


 DURATION: full day  
 Price for this tour is:  
1-3 people:  250 €
4-7 people:  300 €
 8-12 people:  500€

Konavle is a beautiful region with sprawling countryside and unspoiled coastline that begins about 30 minutes south of Dubrovnik.  While technically not in Konavle, Cavtat acts as the gateway to this region and makes an ideal first stop on any tour.  The village of Cavtat sits on an attractive harbor with several nice beaches and moorings for yachts during the summer months.  The highlight of the village is its beautiful waterfront promenade full of restaurants, cafes, and ice cream shops.  Here you will have time to explore Cavtat’s small side streets and relax by the sea.
After leaving Cavtat you will continue on to the valley of Konavle where you will enjoy the scenery and explore some of the region’s small villages.  While in the valley you are surrounded by mountains and landscapes that are often compared to the famous Tuscany region in Italy.  Here you can choose to stop for lunch at one of Konavle’s many restaurants, which are well known for their locally-sourced products and meat cooked "under the iron bell”.  Please note that lunch is not included in the price of the tour and if you wish to eat meat "under the iron bell” it must be ordered a day in advance; please request lunch when booking the tour.

Sea kayaking in Zaton bay

PRICE: 35 € per person (250 Kuna)
Child discount: 50% for children under 12 years
Included: guide, use of necessary equipment, insurance
Transfer: on request. The cost of our transfer from/to Dubrovnik is additional 7 € (50 Kuna) per  person
Optional lunch: lunch from 10 € per person. Feel free to contact us is you wish to make reservations for lunch.

This is a sea kayaking tour of 5 beaches of Zaton bay. Zaton bay is a charming and picturesque, 2 km long bay, only 8 km away from Dubrovnik. Zaton bay is a destination for those who want to swim on pebbly beaches or rocky crags, sea kayak near cliffs and explore the underwater world. All three villages – Zaton Mali, Zaton Veliki and Stikovica, have cozy restaurants by the sea where one can savour Dubrovnik and Dalmatian specialities. The freshwater source Vrelo is a natural site located at the bottom of the Zaton bay, whose waters once moved the mills. Zaton is recognized as a Dubrovnik summer manor region.

Equipment: We use professional sit-on-top kayaks with 2 seats and a 3rd one in the middle for children. You will get a dry bag for personal items (camera, drinks, etc.), a life jacket, a paddle and snorkel gear.
Things to bring with you: shorts or bathing suit, T-shirt and sandals (or sport shoes), towel, sun cream, water.


Pick up from accommodation according to the plan between 9:30 and 10:00 am
10.30    Kayaking instructions in Zaton and kayaking start
15.00    Return from Zaton to the accommodation
Day activities: Sea kayaking, walking / hiking, swimming, snorkeling
Season: April-October       

Island of Mljet

DURATION : full day
PRICE for this tour : on request
INCLUDEDBoat, english speaking skipper, fuel, drinks on board, snorkeling equipment, insurance, final cleaning.
Boat options: Jeanneau Cap Camarat 755, Jeanneau Leader 805, Jeanneau Prestige 36, Sunseeker Portofino
NOTE : All boat excursion are weather permitted

The island of Mljet is a true paradise for those who love the unspoilt nature and the peaceful atmosphere.It is a true paradise for those who love the unspoilt nature and the peaceful atmosphere. Mljet is one of the most forested Adriatic islands, and a large part of the island is within the National Park borders. most popular attractions are two salt water lakes – Veliko jezero and Malo jezero surrounded in lush forest. The boat takes you to the 12th century monastery on the Island of St. Mary on the larger lake. You will have the plenty of time for sunbathing, sightseeing and lunch in one of the lovely local restaurants.Mljet is situated an 45min boat ride by speed boat from Dubrovnik towards island of Korcula and cruising by Elaphiti islands. National Park is situated on the western part of Mljet and takes 1/3 part of the whole island. It's charaterized by two salt-water lakes, Veliko i Malo jezero (Great and Small Lake)There is more natural wonders... One is a tiny island called Melita (Mljet), in the middle of "Veliko jezero" With 12th century Benedictine monastery of Saint Mary.Island of Mljet is the greenest island in all Adriatic sea.During our cruise you'll visit bay of Limuni (sandy beach sometimes called lagoon on Mljet), the Odysseus cave,National Park, lots of small villages and lovely spots to enjoy peace, silence and colors of the sea not easy to find on the whole Croatian Adriatic.The Mljet National Park tour can really be anything you want it to be. It is a chance for an active family time, for romantic sailing and swimming, for overall leisure or nature exploring. The mesmeric greenery, the scent of pinewoods, crystal clear blue of the waters, Mljet is really the place for all kindred spirits to find their own piece of peace.

Sailing Dubrovnik

PRICE: 65 € per person
Child discount: 50% for children under 12 years
INCLUDED: roundtrip transfer, sailing, skipper/guide, insurance, one non-alcoholic drink on yacht, snorkeling gear
May-October: Fridays ( 11:30 am – 3:30 pm and 4 pm – 8 pm).Other days on request.
Note: This itinerary is subject to change dependent on group abilities and preferences, weather and special events. Huck Finn guides and trip Leaders will do their utmost to ensure the best possible experience for their clients without compromising safety at any time. This may mean changing the original itinerary to avoid discomfort or risk which could be caused by exceptional heat or cold, stormy weather, heavy traffic or other reasons beyond our control.

Sailing Dubrovnik half day - organized by Huck Finn Adventure Travel
Relax or get involved as gentle winds take you among the wonderful Elafiti Islands, their beaches, caves and blue sea. Choose morning or afternoon departure for this mix of activity, nature and culture. Occasionally, our yacht is escorted by friendly dolphins that are often seen in the area. The sea is blue, clear, warm and friendly.

Program & Gear List
This tour is not just a sailing activity or hard adventure.Huck Finn Adventure Company designed it for those who love being active in the nature, who admire art and history, appreciate ancient architecture and local tradition. Dubrovnik and Elafiti shorelines are rich in history and natural variety - cliffs, caves, reefs, beaches, pine forests... We will explore them while gently drifting on Huck Finn (a sailing catamaran yacht), swimming or snorkeling. You can relax on the deck or take active part in sailing - at the helm, rasing sails or anchoring.The tour starts and ends in Zaton Bay, a quiet, rustic part of Dubrovnik where you will be tempted to stay longer, to relax and have lunch or dinner in some of the best restaurants in the area.
Things to bring with you: shorts or bathing suit, T-shirt and sandals or sport shoes, beach towel, sun cream, water.

11:30 AM departure itinerary:
10:30 – 11:00 am: Pick up from your accommodation
11:30 am: Sailing from Zaton Bay in the direction of the Elafiti Islands
3:30 pm: Return to Zaton Bay, transfer to Dubrovnik and your hotel
4 PM departure itinerary:
3 – 3:30 pm: Pick up from your hotel
4 pm: Sailing from Zaton Bay in the direction of the Elafiti Islands
8 pm: Return to Zaton Bay, transfer to Dubrovnik and your accommodation
Huck Finn is not responsible for the loss or damage of your personal items.


Gastronomy Dubrovacko Primorje

For booking this excursion, contact us through mail or in our office. Minimum passengers for trip to go is 4 person.
The tour is priced at 70 EUR per person and includes:  transfer from -to to your accommodation,4 course dinner with wine, all taxes & VAT.

Immerse yourself and experience the tastes and aromas of the freshest authentic local produce and peka of the Dubrovacko primorje.Konoba Moretic is a friendly family konoba located in Gromaca with a long and rich gastronomic tradition. Decorated with great love and care, presenting numerous old and interesting items from the culture and tradition of Gromaca, it enables you to enjoy the special and calm ambiance our restaurant offers.
Our exquisite menu includes peka or authentic dalmatian specialties.Peka is a common name for all delicacies prepared under the iron bell, over open fire or cinder. It is an ancient tool for food preparation and widely spread along the Dalmatian coast. You can be served anything from lamb, kid, wild boar, free range poultry, squids, octopus… Regardless if it’s fish or meat, dish is usually accompanied by potatoes and vegetables baking within the same tray underneath the bell.  Don’t miss the chance to try peka! This is really one of a kind delicacy, especially made with lamb from Kvarner islands or octopus in Dalmatia.
Village Gromaca is located 20 mins  drive from Dubrovnik where we visit the Moretich family and their 200 year old house and mill. Here our hosts will greet us with a glass of brandy and dried figs before giving a presentation of traditional olive oil production, followed by a tasting of the oil and some home made cheese.
Tour start and end times are flexible, but the following are suggested times:
Lunch:  Pick-up at 11:00, lunch at 12:00
Dinner:  Pick-up at 19:00, dinner at 20:00

Peljesac Wine tour

DURATION: Full day
Group size: 2- 8 guests
Group more then 8 person on request
Available: Year round
Price per person for this tour : 120 €
The wine tour program includes:
Tour of 2 wineries / Includes: wine tasting in each winery and a tour of 1 vineyard 
Included : You,transfer,expert guide,plenty good wine and tradicional peka lunch

The Peljesac peninsula is known for its rugged terrain which provides great conditions for grape growing. It is these conditions combined with centuries of skill and tradition that help to create the region’s wines, which are among the best in Croatia. This tour is intended mainly for wine lovers and those who like to learn more about wines from south Dalmatian wine region.  On this tour you will have opportunity to meet friendly wine producers who will take you on a tour of their wine yards, wine cellars and introduce their wine production process in their winerys.
A breathtakingly scenic 45 minute drive from Dubrovnik, this picturesque area is home to some of the most intriguing red wines in Europe. Hosted by Mario a renowned Croatian wine-maker, this is a superb opportunity to learn about the country and its traditions, especially the art of winemaking, from a true local. The tour is a trio of wine-tastings at Croatia most respected wine cellars, visits to vineyards on the slopes of this magnificent peninsula and a delicious, traditional Dalmatian lunch at your host family winery.Our first experience on Peljesac is the Miloš winery, home of the charismatic poet/wine maker Frano Miloš. Here you will have a chance to taste his red Miloš plavac or his, now legendary, Stagnum, also a red, made of Plavac Mali grapes. The visit to Miloš winery is the ultimate introduction to Peljesac.Next, we visit the Grgic winery in Trstenik.After migrating to the US he founded the famous Grgich Hills winery in Napa Valley but not before he made a name for himself being part of Chateau Montelena success story in the 70s! At the Grgic cellars, on top of hills overlooking the charming Trstenik harbour, you will taste their famous white Posip and their red Plavac Mali Dingac.Our final sojourn will be to the 500-year-old wine cellar family, of your host Mario. By this time, it will feel like visiting a friends house. Here you will enjoy a wine-tasting and a superb traditional Croatian luncheon, accompanied by their great wines.

Scuba Diving

Equipment rental per day (torch & compass not included)
€ 30.00
Lunch on boat (incl. water & soft drinks)
Drinks only
Certification fee (PIC)
€ 35.00
PADI manuals (may be purchased locally)

If you are looking for scuba diving in Croatia, Dubrovnik is definitely the best choice. There are plenty of wonderful diving sites in the Adriatic sea, but the underwater world around Dubrovnik is one of the finest with its amazing flora and fauna.
The southernmost diving area in the Adriatic sea is renowned not only for its clear water, but also for its plethora of fish and marine animals, some of which can rarely be seen in the north Adriatic. See further information about the most beautiful Croatian diving sites and see for yourself the breathtaking beauty the Dubrovnik underwater world has to offer.
Diving center Blue Planet is the southernmost PADI Five Star Instructor Development Dive Resort in Croatia. Center is located in the luxurious Hotel Dubrovnik Palace in Dubrovnik, surrounded by impressive cliffs, blue sea and various excellent diving sites. A spacious pool for the check dive, outdoor restaurant, nice cocktail bar and a terrace with a unique sunset view– everything is at hand!
Beginners can acquire basic diving skills with our special course. Check out what attracts so many enthusiasts below the sea surface and decide whether you indeed want to continue diving! We will also arrange transportation, look after children, provide materials, equipment and everything you need to let things run smoothly.
Your diving experience will be enriched by attractive half-day trips! Strasbourg sunken warship, rich and varied marine life that starts at 3m depth, exciting caves where, thanks to excellent visibility, apart from sponges, algae, fish and corals of beautiful colours, now you can also see endangered species like live red corals! 

Rafting - Tara white river

PRICE FOR THIS TOUR : from 90 € per person
DURATION : 12 hours (approximately)
AVAILABLE: June - October 
DEPARTURE POINT: This tour departures from various pickup points in Dubrovnik area. Please specify the name and address of your accommodation, in order to advise you the nearest pickup point.
NOTES: Passport is obligatory
Sportswear and swimwear recommended

Escape Dubrovnik for an exciting white-water rafting tour in Montenegro! The Tara River runs through the largest canyon in Europe and offers Class III and Class IV rapids for your rafting enjoyment. As you learn how to paddle through white-water rapids, you’ll take in the magnificent scenery of the Tara River George (also known as the Tara River Canyon), a UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of Durmitor National Park. Breakfast and lunch are included so you’ll stay energized during your Tara River adventure.After pickup from your Dubrovnik hotel in the early morning, enjoy the drive across the Croatian border into Montenegro and to a rafting camp on the Tara River, one of the most spectacular rivers in Europe and a popular place for river rafting.When you arrive at the rafting camp, enjoy a delicious breakfast of local specialties. Your experienced guide then will introduce you to river rafting with a brief safety overview and instruction. Now you’re ready to begin your river-rafting adventure! Be driven by Jeep to the most attractive part of the Tara River Gorge, and hop in your raft to start your tour. While passing by waterfalls and wild springs, stop for photo ops to capture the breathtaking scenery.The Tara River will provide you with an unforgettable rafting experience as you make your way through the Tara River George, the longest canyon in Europe and second longest in the world after the Grand Canyon. Your guide will give you instructions on how to paddle through the Class III and Class IV rapids while you admire the riverside sights, including old water mills, monasteries, and shepherds with their young lambs, drinking water from the river. Pass well-preserved villages and take in the stunning shape of Durmitor Mountain, for which Durmitor National Park is named.After 15 miles (25 km) of rafting, you’ll reach a central rafting stop. Relax on a local restaurant's terrace overlooking the river, where you'll enjoy a lunch local specialties. You can also go for a swim to cool off in this calm area of the river.In the late afternoon, you’ll be driven back to Dubrovnik.

Horse Riding

Passports/ID cards are requested: a release of liability must be signed prior the activity.
Prices: 650.00 kn per person (PDV/VAT included), approx. €86.00, includes transportation (from the place of accommodation to Kojan Koral) and snack.

Tour starts at Kojan Koral where our guests are introduced to the instructor, they get to know their horses and the equipment. An introductory ride follows in the Coral and leads to the trail. The Route is so planned out to offer our guests the best possible experience of the region of Konavle and Dubrovnik countryside (relaxing but at the same time exciting).
The trail is 11 km long; it leads through the olive groves, pine forest towards the famous Konavlian rocky seaside. At the top of the hill (Velje Brdo), half way through the ride, the tour takes a break where our guests can enjoy the unforgettable and spectacular views of the beautiful Konavlian coast.
Upon our return to the Koral the small snack w/ refreshments is offered to our guests.Riding Ability: beginner to experienced (95% of our guests are beginners).
Rides are offered: Monday through Saturday.
Ride Hours: 17.30h - 20.30h incl.transportation time.
Age Limitations: 16 years and older.
Group Size: from 1–6 riders.
Suggested Gear: sports clothing and closed shoes are recommended.
Safety Gear: riding helmets - supplied at Kojan Koral.

Dubrovnik Sightseeing

PRICE : from 38.00€
DURATION : 4 hours (approximately)
NOTE:Please have your shoulders and legs covered when entering religious buildings. Comfortable shoes, water and a sun hat are recommended. 

Panoramic drive for a magnificent view over the city with Lokrum Island and the Elaphite islands in the distance. Developing its merchant fleet activities all over the Mediterranean and further on, Dubrovnik rose to one of the strongest merchant navies during the 16th century. This city of glorious past was the seat of a small but powerful state, the Dubrovnik Republic, which maintained its independence for 450 years. Discover its Old City, included on UNESCO`s World Heritage List, surrounded by mighty walls and fortresses, well preserved over the centuries. Our walking tour takes us to Stradun, an elegant main street with Onofrio`s Fountains, Franciscan Monastery with the ancient pharmacy, Orlando`s Column, Church of St Blaise-the city’s patron saint, Cathedral and other sights. Enjoy free time for shopping or exploring the Old Town.
DEPARTURE POINT:This tour departures from various pickup points in Dubrovnik area. Please specify the name and address of your accommodation, in order to advise you the nearest pickup point.

Dubrovnik Buggy Safari

PRICE : from 48.00€
DURATION : 3 hours (approximately)
INCLUDES : Accommodation pick-up, Buggy Safari activity and Dubrovnik Cable Car one-way ticket
EXCLUDES: Meals and drinks,Optional activity costs

Discover the beauty of Dubrovnik on an exciting Buggy Safari adventure! Prepare to be amazed by the picturesque views and wilderness situated 5 minutes away from the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Get off the beaten track as you explore Dubrovnik and see amazing surroundings rarely seen by tourists. 
After a brief tour orientation, start your Buggy Safari adventure and discover your love for nature as you uncover Dubrovnik's exquisite treasures and have a glimpse of the city's breathtaking scenery.
Then, explore the notable sights of Dubrovnik on your free time. Visit the Imperial Fortress, situated at the top of Srd Mountain, and discover how the fortress was strategically important in defending the northern side of the city. Stop by The Museum of the Croatian War of Independence and get an insight of the history of Croatia as you browse through the exhibits consisting of documents, photographs, weapons and many more. 
Head towards one of the most amazing belvederes in Croatia and enjoy the picturesque views of Dubrovnik.
Take delight in a scenic cable car ride to Dubrovnik and be mesmerized with the breathtaking views of the Dubrovnik's Old City, Adriatic Sea and islands.
Note: Participants must be 12 years old to join the tour. Please wear comfortable shoes and light clothing.

Dubrovnik three island tour

PRICE : 35.00€ per person
INCLUDES : Accommodation pick-up, Meals and drinks
NOTE: Comfortable footwear and swimsuit in case of good weather conditions recommended

Enjoy the beautiful 3 islands ( Elafiti islands ) of the south coast of Croatia.  Visit islands in one day and rest in their beauty, silence and richness of flora and fauna. Have a chance to choose from three menus - fish, meat or vegetarian. You will see breathtaking views of the Dubrovnik region. The three islands that belong to Elafiti archipelago are Koločep, Lopud and Šipan, each of them special for thier uniqueness. You will have a possibility to swim on the sandy beach on the island of Lopud. Walk through lush vegetation and escape from rush town for one day!
- 3 islands cruise from Dubrovnik to Elafiti
- explore 3 islands in one day
- English-speaking tour guide
- walk through beautiful Elafiti islands
Pick-up possible from your accommodation in Dubrovnik at around 8.30h 
Duration: 9 hours (approx.)
Departure from the port of Gruž at around 10 a.m.
Drop-off time at around 5.30 p.m. to your departure point


Tour includes: 
• Transfer, English speaking driver 
Non-included services:  
• Local Guide, food and drinks,entrances to museums and churches.
DURATION: full day  
Price for this tour is:  
1-3 people:  450 €
4-7 people:  600 €
8-12 people:  800 €

Split is the most important cultural and economic center of Dalmatia. Home to Diocletian's Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Split offers a wealth of museums and Roman ruins.Leave central Dubrovnik in the early morning and travel to Split – roughly three hours north. Relax as you travel, admiring the gorgeous coastal scenery while chatting with your guide about the places you want to see. Your itinerary is flexible and your guide will happily tailor it to your interests.After arriving in Split, stretch your legs on a walking tour of the center. The coastal town’s A-list attraction is Diocletian Palace – an incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site that nearly encompasses the town. Originally built as an ornate home for Emperor Diocletian, the palace became a city in its own right as more buildings were added to it throughout the ages.Stroll around Peristyle Square within the palace grounds, listening to tales about the extravagant Emperor Diocletian while seeing sights like the Cathedral of St Duje with its magnificent bell tower. Pose for photos next to the Temple of Jupiter – a beautifully preserved Roman monument – and then head out of the palace grounds to discover the rest of Split’s delights.Stop to rub the foot of the Gregory of Nin Statue for luck, and then amble over to Republic Square (Prokurative), a Mediterranean-style plaza lined with elaborate Neo-Renaissance buildings. Hear about the concerts and cultural events that take place here, and then pass Mestrovic Gallery – a museum dedicated to the work of Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.Enjoy a break for lunch (own expense), and then perhaps spend your afternoon either continuing sightseeing around town to learn more about Split’s history, or perhaps checking out the city beaches. In the late afternoon return to your minivan and travel south to Dubrovnik. Your tour finishes at the start point in the early evening.

Plitvice Lakes National park

PRICE: on request
Accommodation pickup and drop-off,private English-speaking driver,entrance fee to Plitvice Lakes National Park (if option is selected)
Food and drinks,gratuities (optional),electric boat ride,panoramic bus ride,food and drink.
Pickups will start at 6am
15 hours (approx.)

Discover the breathtaking natural beauty of the UNESCO-listed Plitvice Lakes National Park on a private day trip from Dubrovnik. With your very own guide (if option is selected), stroll along scenic, woodland trails and absorb stunning views of the park’s turquoise lakes, linked by crashing waterfalls and flowing streams.Leave your Dubrovnik hotel by comfortable minivan and relax on the 5-hour journey to Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The largest and oldest national park in Croatia, Plitvice is an oasis of vibrant lakes, gushing waterfalls and lush forest. As you travel, talk with your driver about what you’d like to see and do — the beauty of a private tour is that the itinerary can be entirely tailored to suit your needs and interests.On arrival, set off to explore the dense woodland that surrounds the lakes. Follow your guide (if option is selected) along the trails at a steady pace and admire the wilderness around you. Spy wild flowers bordering the paths and gaze up at the towering beech, spruce and fir trees. Then, for the best vantage points, cross over the pretty wooden bridges for unparalleled views of the lakes.
Stop off at one of the park’s restaurants or cafes to refuel with some lunch (own expense), and then perhaps take an electric boat ride on one of the lower lakes (own expense). While the lakes may look a vivid turquoise from a distance, you’ll notice how crystalline they are from your boat.
Afterward, continue exploring the forest on foot with your guide. Alternatively, hop aboard the bus or electric train (own expense) to cover more ground and rest your feet. From the comfort of your seat, gaze out of the window and take in your final glimpses of the breathtaking scenery.When the time comes, return to your comfortable minivan and relax on the journey back to Dubrovnik, where your private tour concludes with a accommodation drop-off.

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